Nature and status of CPPCC

Nature of CPPCC
CPPCC is a patriotic united front organization of the Chinese people, it is an important multi-party cooperation and political consultation organization led by Communist Party of China (CPC) and an important form for developing socialist democracy in China's political life.

Status of CPPCC in the political system of the state
The basic structure of China's political system is the people's congress, multi-party cooperation and political consultation and regional autonomy of ethnic minorities.

National People's Congress exerts power through election and voting, it conducts sufficient negotiation before election and voting with people's political consultative conference. National People's Congress and people's political consultative conference are the two most important forms of socialist democracy. The ties between people's political consultative conference, National People's Congress and government are: people's political consultative conference conducts negotiation before decision-making, National People's Congress makes decisions after voting, government implements decisions herein. Under the unified leadership of CPC, each of the three does its own duty and supplements with each other. This is a political system with Chinese characteristics suiting to the national condition of China. CPPCC is at an important position in the system.